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Marc Kent is the owner, chief winemaker, and driving force behind The Chocolate Block, which has been nicknamed “The Wine With Secrets to Keep” and is produced under the Boekenhoutskloof label. The quest to understand the name of this wine and the wine itself is now the stuff of legend – it’s even launched a graphic novel. A maverick spirit, Marc is unafraid to experiment with the unconventional, but his principal commitment is to quality on every level and in every detail as he has done with The Chocolate Block. The style in which The Chocolate Block is made reflects Marc’s belief that the Cape, with its Mediterranean climate, is eminently suited to blended reds. Marc is also the owner of Boekenhoutskloof, Porcupine Ridge, The Wolftrap, Helderberg Winery, and Cap Maritime.

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The Chocolate Block

The Chocolate Block

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The Chocolate Block

The Chocolate Block

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The Chocolate Block

The Chocolate Block


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