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Vineyard Brands Wines are available at Fine Wine Shops, Preferred Retailers, and Restaurants throughout the United States. It is illegal for Vineyard Brands to sell directly to Consumers. Simply complete this form and someone will give you information on where to find a wine locally. For other inquiries please contact us at vb@vineyardbrands.com

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About Vineyard Brands

"In a world increasingly dominated by vast sums of capital and multinational firms, it is difficult for a small wine importer to
survive unless that company has considerable expertise and an unwavering commitment to quality rather than quantity ...
'Imported by Vineyard Brands' is as close to a guarantee of quality as the consumer can expect."
The Wine Advocate

Our Beginnings

Vineyard Brands was founded in 1973 by Robert Haas. Bob began his career in 1950 working as the import buyer for M. Lehmann, his family’s wine shop in New York City which would later become Sherry Lehmann. As Bob became more interested in the import wine business and less interested in the retail business, he began importing and selling wine in markets other than New York through Leeds Imports Corporation, a wine import company started by Bob and his father. In 1967, Bob’s father retired from the wine business and Leeds Imports Corporation was sold.

In 1973, Bob moved to Vermont and founded Vineyard Brands with 2 employees. The company’s office was located in a remodeled barn on the Haas family farm in Chester, Vermont until 1997 when the company moved its headquarters to Birmingham, Alabama.

In the 1980s, Bob began to explore ways to fulfill a life-long dream to start his own winery, which would mean leaving Vineyard Brands. Bob ultimately decided to create an employee stock ownership plan (an "ESOP") to allow the employees of Vineyard Brands to purchase the business from him to allow him to start his winery, Tablas Creek Vineyard. In the late 1990s, when the ESOP completed its purchase of the business from Bob, he fully exited from Vineyard Brands.
Our Mission is to select and offer wines of the best quality and value from the best places on
Earth so that there is absolute confidence in any wine with "Imported by Vineyard Brands"
on the label.


Today, Vineyard Brands has over 65 employees located throughout the United States and 2 offices, one in Birmingham, Alabama and the other in the heart of New York City. Our headquarters remains in Birmingham, Alabama, where we have approximately 25 employees who handle all shipping, accounting and compliance activities and the production of all promotional materials and advertising for Vineyard Brands. Our office in New York City is a sales and marketing office.

Despite our relatively small size, we have a truly national distribution network that extends to all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Our sales force, which consists of over 40 people, is divided into 8 regions, each of which is overseen by a regional manager. Recognizing the diversity of our various markets and in order to foster our entrepreneurial spirit, we give our regional managers and sales representatives a great deal of autonomy in managing their territories and markets.

Built on the same foundation upon which the company was founded, our mission remains the same – to select and offer wines of the best quality and value from the greatest places on Earth so that there is absolute confidence in any wine with "Imported by Vineyard Brands" on the label.

Our Portfolio

As we are a "family" owned enterprise by virtue of our ESOP, we have chosen to represent family-owned wineries. We have a wealth of experience representing both small producers and large volume brands. We represent over 80 wineries from the major wine-growing regions throughout the world. Our portfolio includes some of the best wines available from Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, and France, including over 25 growers of estate-bottled wines in Bordeaux, Burgundy, Chablis, the Rhône, the Loire Valley, Alsace and Southern France.

One of our primary missions is to understand and respect the goals of each of our producers for their individual brands. We have a proprietary sense of pride in our brands and understanding that the only way to achieve long-term success is building a good distribution network. We work closely with our distributors across the United States to ensure that not only do we have good sales and depletion volumes, but that our distribution is optimized for the long term.


Anna Kate






Corporate Responsibility Statement

Our Mission

Wines from the Best Places on Earth. Our mission is to select and offer wines of the best quality and value from the best places on Earth so that there is absolute confidence in any wine with "Imported by Vineyard Brands" on the label.


We’re Proud of Our Families. We are an employee-owned enterprise by virtue of our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, and we have chosen to represent only family-owned wineries. Family businesses tend to focus on the long-term and the bigger picture, which are both important values to us.

Diversity Statement

We Don’t Discriminate. Vineyard Brands provides equal employment opportunity without regard to sex (which includes gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity, as well as pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), race, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information, religion, national origin, marital status, ancestry, political belief or activity, status as a veteran, family care status, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law. This applies to all areas of employment, including recruitment, hiring, training and development, promotion, transfer, termination, layoff, compensation, benefits, and all other conditions and privileges of employment in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws.

At Vineyard Brands, diversity and inclusion are key components of not only our business but of our culture as a company. As an employee-owned business, our ownership reflects the diversity of our company, which is a melting pot of age, gender, race and the communities in which we live across the country.

Our mission as a company is to select and offer wines of the best quality and value from the best places on Earth. To do that we are proud to work with a diverse group of individuals, including women winemakers and winemakers of color. We work only with family-owned wineries, who much like ourselves, are focused on the long-term.

We believe that it is our obligation to support and give back to our communities, and our winery partners do too. Together, we continually look at how we can contribute to a better, more inclusive world. Our efforts range from supporting the Jones Valley Teaching Farm in Birmingham, Alabama; to funding conservation efforts in New Zealand; to aiding rural schools in South Africa and Argentina; to supporting diversity in the world of wine through organizations like Black Wine Professionals and The Veraison Project.

In every aspect of our business, we seek to foster an inclusive culture that encourages and supports the diverse voices of our employees and partners.

Sustainability Statement

The Earth Matters. With a very few exceptions, all of the wineries with which we work employ sustainable, organic and/or biodynamic practices in their vineyards. Many are certified sustainable, organic or biodynamic, but others have chosen not to obtain the legal certification for various reasons although they would qualify for such certification. We need to leave the Earth in better shape than we found it.

Charitable Partnerships

We Give Back. We partner with many charities, including the Jones Valley Teaching Farm, a charity providing food-based educational programs for students and a model for many similar efforts around the United States. We understand that we are very fortunate and believe it’s our obligation to give back to our communities.

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